Fresh & Edible Flowers

Flowers Asiatic Lillies - per bunch Asiatic lillies per bunch. $9.08
Flowers Deluxe Mixed - per bunch Mixed bunch of flowers. $16.35
Flowers Edible Viola - per punnet Edible flowers are flowers that can be consumed safely. Flowers are part of many regional cuisines, including Asian, European, and Middle Eastern cuisines. $10.99
Flowers Lillies Oriental - per bunch Oriental Lilies are ostentatious flowers that command attention! The large flowers have bold open petals in a large range of colours, all with a fabulous fragrance $22.72
Flowers Natives - per bunch Our native flower arrangements and bouquets feature fresh stems of flora and fauna including favourites such as protea, banksia, wax flower, eucalyptus, and leucadendron. $13.63
Flowers Red Roses - per bunch Red roses are the epitome of romance. Red roses symbolize all that’s associated with love, passion, and romance since time eternity. $31.81