Canned Products/Dry Goods

Corn Chips - per 750gm packet Mission Corn Chips, plain. Ideal for nachos or dips. $13.99
Honey Raw - per 500gm jar Local natural raw honey, unprocessed. Walkabout Apiaries from Nth East Victoria. $12.50
Honey Red Gum - per 500gm jar Redgum Milawa honey available in 500gm jar. $12.50
Italian Pasta Fettuccine - per 500gm packet Italian Pasta Fettuccine $7.00
Italian Pasta Shells - per 500gm packet Imported Italian Pasta $7.00
Licorice Chocolate Coated - each stick Uncle John's chocolate coated licorice, available per stick. $1.20
Licorice Molasses - each stick Uncle John's molasses licorice, available per stick. $1.00
Raspberry Wine Vinegar - per 500ml Bottle Colavita's Raspberry Wine Vinegar is produced according to traditional methods of aging selected wines for long periods in wooden barrels. $6.50