On Sale

Apples - Pink Ladies 2kg bag Crisp sweet red apple with a fantastic flavour. Our most popular apple $3.99
Apples - Royal Gala each Red and green speculed skin. Firm apple with a nice flavour $0.80
Apples Grannysmith - 2kg bag Small Grannysmith Apples. 2kg Bag Great for school lunches $3.99
Asparagus - per bunch Bright green, fleshy stalks or spears. New season from Australia. $2.70
Bananas - each Queensland's most popular variety of Banana - big and tasty! $0.70
Berries - Blueberries - punnet Firm, blue and slightly acid berry. A good source of vitamin A and C $4.99
Cucumbers Continental - each Long and slender cucumber. Ridged dark green skin. $1.60
Mangoes - each An oblong pear sized fruit. Green skin when unripe, turning orange/yellow when ripe. Juicy peach coloured flesh with a large flat stone. Excellent source of vitamin A and C . Product of Australia. $2.30
Pears Packham - each Smooth skin colour is green, changing to light yellow when ripe. Flesh is white, juicy, sweet and of a good flavour. $0.65
Pumpkin Butternut - per kg Characterised by a bulb shaped bottom. Slightly narrower neck. A great rasting pumpkin with no need to peel. $3.60