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Apples - Grannysmith 2kg bag Small Grannysmith Apples. 2kg Bag Great for school lunches $2.79
Apples - Pink Ladies 2kg bag Crisp sweet red apple with a fantastic flavour. Our most popular apple $2.79
Cucumbers Continental - each Long and slender cucumber. Ridged dark green skin. $1.49
Grapes - Red Seedless per kg Small berry fruit. Thin edible black skin. Excellent source of vitamin C and dietary fibre. New season Australian. $3.99
Grapes White Seedless - per kg White seeded grapes, great for a snack or school lunches. New season from Australia. $3.79
Lettuce Baby Cos - per twin packet Upright elongated head. Crisp, spoon shaped leaves that have a strong flavour.Higher nutrients than any other lettuce. $3.49
Nectarines White - per kg Smooth skin, yellow/orange with a blush. Flesh colour is white. Sweet in taste when ripe. $3.99
Nectarines Yellow - per kg Smooth skin, yellow/orange with a blush. Flesh varies from yellow or red. Excellent source of vitamin A and C. $2.99
Peaches Yellow - per kg Yellow peaches have an orange-yellow colour and a high content in juice. Once fully ripe, the fruit tastes aromatic and sweet. Yellow Peaches are a tasty treat to eat on their own or can be used in salads or baking. $3.99
Peaches Yellow Clingstone - per kg A fleshy fruit with a seed in the centre of a stone. Skin colour is yellow to red blush.Flesh is yellow, softmelting and juicy. Good source of vitamin A and C. $4.99
Peas - Snow Peas - per kg Completely flat pod, bright green in colour. No seed development. Pod and pea is eaten whole. $14.99
Potatoes Washed - 2.5 kg prepack bag Washed potatoes in a 2.5 kg bag. Economical way to buy a large amount. $2.99
Tomato Sauce - per 18kg case Roma sauce tomatoes are now available in an18kg case. $34.99
Watermelon seedless - PER KG A more rounded melon. Dark pink/red flesh. Very sweet with no seeds. One whole watermelon weighs approx. 5-6kg. $1.49