Aphrodite Halloumi - per pack Aphrodite halloumi, authentic goats and ewes milk cheese. Hand made in Cyprus. $9.99
Bonsoy - per 1lt carton Bonsoy- is created from a select variety of whole organic soybeans that are processed to the highest standard, helping deliver the best that nature has to offer. $4.99
Feta Organic Aphrodite - 200gm pack Aphrodite organic feta. Authentic barrel - ripened feta cheese hand made in Greece from ewes and goats milk. $12.90
Goats Cheese Marinated - 325gm Jar Meredith's Goats cheese marinated in extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and garlic. $17.99
Kiewa Milk Full Cream - per 1L bottle Full Cream local Kiewa milk $2.99
Kiewa Milk Full Cream - per 2L bottle Full cream local Kiewa milk $4.99
Milawa Cheese Brie - per portion Brie cheese per portion $9.00
Milawa Cheese Cheddar - per portion Cheddar cheese per portion. $12.00
MILKLAB Lactose Free Dairy Milk - per 1L carton Milklab Lactose Free Dairy Milk $3.99