Aphrodite Halloumi - per pack Aphrodite halloumi, authentic goats and ewes milk cheese. Hand made in Cyprus. $9.99
Cherve Goats Cheese - per 150gm packet Fresh Meredith's Goats Cheese. The most versatile of all cheeses. Perfect on pasta, pizza and frittatas, tossed in salads or used in souffles and tarts. $10.30
Feta Aphrodite - 170gm pack Aphrodite Feta. Authentic barrel - ripened feta cheese hand made in Greece from ewes and goats milk. $11.50
Goats Cheese Marinated - 325gm Jar Meredith's Goats cheese marinated in extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and garlic. $15.99
Meredith Sheeps Yoghurt - 500gm Tub Meredith Dairy sheep's yoghurt. Delicious taste! $9.50