Vegitation Mt Beauty Privacy, Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All transactions are conducted in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Orders must be placed in line with the current version of this delivery schedule. We will notify you if there will be significant delays to your order.

Refunds & Returns Policy

Refunds are not available, however our quality guarantee means that if a product that has been delivered doesn't meet our high standards, the item will be replaced free of charge on your next order or by free delivery at our next opportunity. Please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as the faulty product has been observed as we may not be able to honour our quality guarantee if you delay excessively in notifying us.

Privacy Policy

Your personal details (name and address, etc) and payment details (credit card number) are transmitted to us using 256-bit SSL encryption and a signed security certificate. This is the same level of protection employed by banks to protect your data when in transit over the internet.

We do not record your credit card details and they are not emailed or retained by us in any way. They are passed securely to the payment gateway and banking system for the purpose of your transaction.

Your personal details (name and address, etc) are retained on the email copy of your order for the purpose of preparing your order, and are then safely discarded. We will not give away your email address or other personal details to anyone unless obliged by law, and we will not email you for any other purpose than to facilitate your order or business relationship with us.