Aphrodite Halloumi - per pack Aphrodite halloumi, authentic goats and ewes milk cheese. Hand made in Cyprus. $9.99
Apples - Kanzi - each Kanzi apple – a cross between the Gala and Braeburn varieties. Naturally sweet, juicy and crunchy, Kanzi apples are available from late March through to spring. $0.90
Apples - Grannysmith 2kg bag Small Grannysmith Apples. 2kg Bag Great for school lunches $3.99
Apples - Grannysmith Each Yellow/green when ripe. White crisp juicy flesh, flavour is tart to moderately sweet $0.95
Apples - Fuji each -New Season Sweet crisp red apples with a delicious flavour $0.90
Apples - Pink Ladies 2kg bag Crisp sweet red apple with a fantastic flavour. Our most popular apple $2.99
Apples - Pink Ladies each Crisp sweet red apple with a fantastic flavour. Our most popular apple $0.95
Apples - Royal Gala each -New Season Red and green speculed skin. Firm apple with a nice flavour $0.80
Asparagus - per bunch Bright green, fleshy stalks or spears. Product of Australia, new season. $4.99
Avocadoes - each A number of varieties available at different times of the year. Oval to classical pear shape, black or green in colour. Avocadoes are the most nutricious fruit known to man $2.70
Bananas - each Queensland's most popular variety of Banana - big and tasty! $0.80
Beans Handpicked - per kg A firm long straight green round pod. $18.99
Beanshoots - per 250gm packet Thick white shoots. Beanshoots are great in stirfrys or salads. $3.20
Beetroot - per kg Beetroot is great for juices or baked. Great colour and flavour. $3.60
Berries - Blueberries - punnet Firm, blue and slightly acid berry. A good source of vitamin A and C $8.99
Berries - Strawberries - punnet A berry fruit which is a member of the rose family. Red/pink with a thin skin.Sweet delicate flavour. Excellent source of vitamin C and good source of folic acid and dietary fibre. New season from Queensland. $6.99
Bok Choy Shanghai - per bunch Small leafy vegetable, great in stirfrys or just steamed $2.90
Broccoli - each The plant forms a tight head of flowers. Green buds, thick fleshy green stalks. Good source of folacin and vitamin E $2.20
Broccolini - per bunch Same family as broccoli. Small shoots that make it perfect for stirfrys. $3.99
Brussel Sprouts -per kg Looks like miniature cabbage. Small green leafy vegetable that are related to the cabbage and cauliflower. $15.99
Cabbage Green - each Loosely formed head. Leaves are tender and brittle. Cream/white/green in colour. $6.99
Cabbage Green - half Loosely formed head. Leaves are tender and brittle. Cream/white/green in colour. $3.50
Cabbage Red - each Red cabbage is distinguished by its coloring, texture and flavor. Like Green cabbage it is rounded and wrapped in tightly wound waxy leaves. ... Their flavor is far more bold, cruciferous and peppery versus green cabbage. $6.99
Cabbage Red - half Smooth red/purple leaves. Great colour for coleslaws. $3.60
Cabbage Savoy - each The heart of this cabbage is crisp whilst the outside leaves are a crinkled dark green. It has a mild sweet flavour and the outside leaves are tender enough for making wraps, finely slicing into stir fry $6.99
Cabbage Savoy - half The heart of this cabbage is crisp whilst the outside leaves are a crinkled dark green. It has a mild sweet flavour and the outside leaves are tender enough for making wraps, finely slicing into stir fry $3.60
Cabbage Wombok - each Chinese or wombok cabbage. Similar flavour to ordinary cabbage although slighly sweeter. Crinkled green/white leaves used for stirfrys or salads. $8.99
Cantaloupes - each Soft, peach coloured smooth flesh. Distinctive sweet aroma with a sweet smooth musky flavour. Excellent source of vitamins A and C $6.99
Capsicum Green - each Crunchy texture which stays fresh longer than other varieties Use in stir-fries, casseroles and salads, and stuffed with meat and rice mixtures. $1.99
Capsicum Red - each Sweeter but soften quicker than green. Use in stir-fries, casseroles and salads, and stuffed with meat and rice mixtures $2.99
Capsicum Yellow - each Yellow in colour. Sweet in flavour, similar to the flavour of a red capsicum. $1.99
Carrots - 1kg bag Bright orange root vegetable. Excellent source of vitamin A $1.99
Carrots - per kg Bright orange root vegetable. Excellent source of vitamin A $2.40
Carrots Dutch - per bunch Dutch or baby carrots. Bunches of 10-12 small carrots with tops on $3.60
Cauliflower - each White solid flower heads surrounded by green leaves $6.99
Celery - per bunch Long pale green stalks with darker green broad leaves. A good source of vitamin A, calcium,sodium and potassium. $3.99
Cherve Goats Cheese - per 150gm packet Fresh Meredith's Goats Cheese. The most versatile of all cheeses. Perfect on pasta, pizza and frittatas, tossed in salads or used in souffles and tarts. $10.30
Chillies - Jalapeno Green - per kg A member of the capsicum family, jalapeño chillies range from moderately to very hot. Originating from South America, they are about 4cm long, dark green when young and scarlet when ripe $29.99
Chillies - Green - per kg Green Chillies . Sweet rather than hot. $23.99
Chillies - Red - per kg Long elongated red peppers. Hot in flavour, great in currys. $39.99
Corn Chips - per 750gm packet Mission Corn Chips, plain. Ideal for nachos or dips. $9.99
Cucumbers Continental - each Long and slender cucumber. Ridged dark green skin. $3.70
Cucumbers Lebanese - per kg Small sweetly flavoured cucumber. Edible green skin $11.99
Dates - Medjool Fresh kg Fresh Medjool dates imported from California. Cholestrol and fat free. A good source of fibre $29.99
Eggplant - each Large pear shaped vegetable. Glossy black/purple skin with a white fresh. Contains many fine seeds. $2.60
Eggs Cage 700gm - per dozen Fresh large cage eggs per dozen. $4.99
Eggs Freerange 700gm - per dozen Freerange 700 gm eggs per dozen. $6.99
Fennel - each Resembles celery. Succulent bulbous rootstalk. Stems are round and shiny green/white. Delicate aniseed flavour and aroma. $2.99
Feta Organic Aphrodite - 200gm pack Aphrodite organic feta. Authentic barrel - ripened feta cheese hand made in Greece from ewes and goats milk. $11.95
Garlic Spanish - per bulb The mature garlic bulb is a group of small bulbs known as cloves held together by layers of papery skin. Product of Argentina. $1.20
Ginger - per kg Pale yellow flesh. Pungent spicy aroma with a smooth brown/golden skin. $24.99
Goats Cheese Marinated - 325gm Jar Meredith's Goats cheese marinated in extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and garlic. $15.99
Grapefruit - each Member of the citrus family. A round fruit with a pale yellow skin. Excellent source of vitamins B5 and C $1.50
Grapefruit - Red Ruby each A round fruit with an orangey yellow fine skin. Flesh is red colour that is sweeter than a normal grapefruit. $2.20
Grapes - Red Seedless per kg Small berry fruit. Thin edible black skin. Excellent source of vitamin C and dietary fibre. Product of Australia. $8.99
Grapes White Seedless - per kg White seedless grapes, great for a snack or school lunches. Product of Australia. $9.99
Herb - Basil - per bunch Large oval pointed bright green leaves. Warm, yet fresh strong flavours. $5.99
Herb - Chives - per bunch From the same family as onions, leeks and garlic. A mild onion flavour that is dark green in colour. $5.99
Herb - Coriander - per bunch A bright green leaf is finely scalloped. Pungent, distinct scent and flavour. $2.99
Herb - Dill - per bunch Related to parsley and carrots. Feathery blue/green leaves. Aromatic and pungent flavour $3.50
Herb - Lemongrass - 3 sticks per bunch Lemongrass stalks are fragrant, tightly formed and of a lemony-green colour. Used mostly in Asian foods. Great Flavour. $3.65
Herb - Mint - per bunch Mint has very dark green leaves. Used in a variety of sauces, jellies and hot and cold beverage additions. Makes a lovely garnish and adds to the taste of freshly cooked vegetables. $3.60
Herb - Parsley - per bunch Dark green with fine stems. Refreshing flavour and aroma. Leaves are dark green with curled edges. $3.99
Herb - Parsley Continental - per bunch Flat, dark green leaves with a strong, coarser flavour. Edible succulent stems. $3.50
Herb - Rosemary - per bunch Rosemary is a versitile, aromatic herb that is used in a variety of dishes, including soups, meats (especially lamb), fish and stuffings. $3.60
Herb - Sage - per bunch Sage has a light green colour with velvety texture. Used well with fatty foods such as pork, sausage and lamb because it aids in digestion. $3.99
Herb - Thyme - per bunch Strong flavour, woody stems with paired leaf or flower clusters. Thyme is a good source of iron and used widely in cooking. $4.99
Honey Dew Melon - each Golden or white in colour with a green flesh. Excellent source of vitamin C and potassium $5.50
Honey Raw - per 500gm jar Local natural raw honey, unprocessed. Walkabout Apiaries from Nth East Victoria. $9.95
Honey Red Gum - per 500gm jar Redgum Milawa honey available in 500gm jar. $9.95
Juice - Apple - per 2lt - Beechworth Clear Australian apple juice grown and packed from Beechworth. Great flavour. $6.99
Juice - Apple - per 2lt - Beechworth Cloudy Australian apple juice grown and packed from beechworth. Unfiltered juice that is great in flavour. $6.99
Juice - Apple & Blackcurrant Juice - per 2lt - Golden Circle Golden circle apple and black currant juice which is pulp free. $5.50
Juice - Apple Juice - per 2 lt - Golden Circle Juicee crush apple juice which is pulp free. $5.50
Juice - Breaky Juice - per 2lt - Golden Circle Golden circle breaky juice which is pulp free. $5.50
Juice - Orange Juice - per 2lt - Golden Circle Juicee crush extra juicy orange juice which is pulp free. $5.50
Juice - Organic Orange Juice - 2 Litre Sunzest organic orange juice. 100% Australian grown organic certified oranges. Fantastic taste! $7.99
Juice - Pineapple - Golden circle per 2lt Golden circle extra juicy pineapple juice which is pulp free. $5.50
Kale - each The dark, leafy green has been on dinner plates since Roman times and has long been common across much of Europe. The vegetable hails from the cabbage family, which also includes broccoli, cauliflower, and collards. $3.99
Kiwi Fruit - each Thin fuzzy brown skin. Emerald green juicy flesh. Excellent source of vitamin C $0.90
Leeks - each A long white stalk rather than a bulb. Dark green leaves $2.70
Lemons - each Oval yellow skin fruit. Acid, juicy pale yellow flesh Excellent source of vitamin C, B6 and dietary fibre $0.80
Lettuce - Baby Spinach Leaves- per kg Vivid green baby leaves. Slightly crinkled on fine stems. Very delicate flavour. $13.99
Lettuce - Rocket - per kg A strong smelling elongated clover type leaf. A fiery/piquant flavour. $15.99
Lettuce - Salad Mix - per kg Available in a broad range of colours, textures and sizes. Strong flavour and high in nutrients. $13.99
Lettuce Baby Cos - per twin packet Upright elongated head. Crisp, spoon shaped leaves that have a strong flavour.Higher nutrients than any other lettuce. $3.99
Lettuce Cos Midi - each Upright elongated head. Crisp, spoon shaped leaves that have a strong flavour.Higher nutrients than any other lettuce. $3.99
Lettuce Iceberg - each Dark green leaves with a compact firm head. Crisp texture with small core. Most popular everyday lettuce. $4.99
Lettuce Radicchio - each Radicchio, the bitter vegetable that is often mistaken for colorful lettuce or red cabbage, is actually a type of chicory. In fact, it's often called Italian chicory because of its prominent position in Italian cooking $4.99
Licorice Chocolate Coated - each stick Uncle John's chocolate coated licorice, available per stick. $1.20
Licorice Molasses - each stick Uncle John's molasses licorice, available per stick. $1.00
Limes - each Small citrus fruit that is round in shape. Glossy dark green skin and a tangy acid taste. Excellent source of vitamin C $1.20
Mandarins - Imperial per kg - New Season Mandarins are smaller and oblate, rather than spherical like the common oranges. The taste is considered less sour, as well as sweeter and stronger. $5.50
Mushrooms Cups - per kg Cups are allowed to grow to a stage where the cap is beginning to open. $17.99
Mushrooms Flats - per kg Field or flat mushrooms are harvested when the mushroom cap is expanded fully so that all the gills are visible. Great flavour. $18.99
Nuts - Almonds Natural - 500gm packet Natural, unsalted almonds are a tasty and nutritious snack with plenty of health benefits. Loaded with minerals, they are also among the healthiest of tree nuts. Just a handful of nutrient-rich almonds a day helps promote heart health and prevent weight gain, and it may even help fight diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer's. $12.99
Nuts - Cashews Salted - per 400gm packets Cashews are legumes and contain an abundance of nutritional benefits, including all three macronutrients -- carbohydrates, protein and fat $15.99
Nuts - Cashews Unsalted - per 400gm packets Unsalted roasted cashews are a delicious snack packed with protein, healthy fats and fiber. $13.99
Nuts - Delicious Energy Mix - per 500gm packet A energy mix that contains white chocolate gems, dried cranberries, natural almonds and pistachio nuts. $13.99
Nuts - Dried Mixed Fruit - per 500gm packet A mixture of dried fruit that contains Prunes, Peaches, Apples, Pears and Apricots. $9.99
Nuts - Macadamia Raw - per 500gm packet There's something unique about the taste, texture and goodness of a macadamia grown in its natural home. Nothing matches the creamy flavour and velvety crunch of Australian macadamias. And nothing compares to a macadamia moment. $30.00
Nuts - Mixed Salted Nuts 500gm packet Mixed Salted Nuts, which includes: Peanuts, Brazil Nuts, Cashews and Walnuts. $10.90
Nuts - Peanuts Salted - per 500gm packet With a strong Nutrient Score of B+, salted peanuts are a fairly healthy food choice because they contain a considerable amount of vitamins and minerals per calorie. $6.50
Nuts - Pinenuts - per 100gm packet Pine nuts are the edible seeds of pines. About 20 species of pine produce seeds large enough to be worth harvesting. Great for salads or pesto. $8.00
Nuts - Walnuts - per 300gm packet Walnuts are rounded, single-seeded stone fruits of the walnut tree commonly used for the meat after fully ripening. Following full ripening, the removal of the husk reveals the wrinkly walnut shell, which is usually commercially found in two segments. $13.50
Onions Brown - per kg Usually always used in cooking because of it's strong flavour. Golden brown skin and white flesh. $2.99
Onions Pickling - per kg Usually always used in cooking because of it's strong flavour. Small or baby onion with golden brown skin and white flesh. $1.99
Onions Red - per kg Red or salad onions have a purple pigmentation throughout the skin and flesh. Mild to sweet flavour that is great in salads. $3.99
Onions Spring - per bunch A member of the onion family. Long, slender dark green stalks with a small white bulb at the base. $2.99
Oranges Navels - 3kg bag Member of the citrus family. Orange rind with high juice content and rich in flavour. Excellent source of vitamin c $9.99
Oranges Valencia - each Member of the citrus family. Orange rind with high juice content and rich in flavour. Excellent source of vitamin c $0.80
Parsnips Premium - per kg A tapered root vegetable similar to a carrot. Cream/white skin and flesh. $9.99
Passionfruit - each Hard outer shell, slightly wrinkled with purple or yellow skin. Translucent yellow flesh, jelly like and watery. Aromatic and sweet flavour. $0.99
Paw Paw Green - Each The flesh and the seeds are the edible part of the fruit. The flesh is similar in texture and consistency to that of a mango. It is semi-firm and succulent, easily pierced when ripe. The flesh's flavor is lean and subtly sweet. $4.99
Pears Bosc / Brown- each- New Season Skin is covered with a brown russet giving the fruit a greenish brown colour which becomes darker when ripening. Flesh is white, juicy with a aromatic flavour. $0.80
Pears Corella - each Corella pears are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as poaching and glazing. Corella pears can be consumed when they are slightly under-ripe and crunchy, or when they are ripe and much softer. $0.60
Pears Nashi - Each - New Season Round in shape, like an apple. Cream white flesh which is firm, crisp and juicy. Has the appearance of an apple and the flavour of a pear $0.70
Pears Packham - each Smooth skin colour is green, changing to light yellow when ripe. Flesh is white, juicy, sweet and of a good flavour. $0.70
Peas - Snow Peas - per kg Completely flat pod, bright green in colour. No seed development. Pod and pea is eaten whole. $19.99
Peas - Sugar Peas - per kg A pea pod which snaps or breaks like a green bean. Seeds are allowed to mature and become fully rounded. Pods are sweet and eaten whole. $22.99
Pineapples Sweet - each Pale/golden yellow fibrous flesh with a central tough core. Sweet juicy flesh. $4.50
Plums - per kg Many different varieties from red skin to purple. Eat when soft and ripe. Juicy and sweet. $5.99
Pomegranates - each In season from March to July, pomegranates are celebrated for their clusters of ruby red arils (usually called seeds) packed full of vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants. $2.99
Potatoes Brushed - per 5kg bag Including sebago (brushed) and golden delight potatoes. These are high in starch and low in sugar and moisture. They're great for roasting, mashing and making into chips, but aren't ideal for salads as they break up during cooking. $4.99
Potatoes Cocktails - per kg A small potato that is dug up early in the season, thin skinned and have a moist flesh. $3.99
Potatoes Desiree - per kg A red/pink skinned potato. Excellent eating potato. It is more dense than other varieties so requires a little longer cooking. $3.99
Potatoes Kipfler - per kg Kipfler potatoes are a type of potato known for their unusually long, thin shape. They are generally prepared by being either boiled or steamed, and can be eaten alone or incorporated into a salad or other dish. $5.99
Potatoes Washed - 2.5 kg prepack bag Washed potatoes in a 2.5 kg bag. Economical way to buy a large amount. $7.80
Potatoes Washed - per kg Potatoes dry and fresh. Ideal for baking, roasting, boiling, frying and mashing. $3.99
Pumpkin Butternut - per kg Characterised by a bulb shaped bottom. Slightly narrower neck. A great rasting pumpkin with no need to peel. $3.99
Pumpkin Grey - per kg A large pumpkin that is drier than other types. Idea for baking and boiling. Blue/green skin with a golden/orange flesh. $1.99
Pumpkin Jap - per kg Jap or kent pumpkin is a small attractive pumpkin with a blue-green skin and pale brown fleck which has a yellow/orange flesh. $2.50
Quinces - per kg Yellow skin tinged with green. Golden yellow flesh is also hard and acidic. $3.99
Radish - Daikon - per kg Daikon Radish is a widely used root vegetable in Japanese cooking. A type of winter vegetable, daikon is characterized by its long white root and green leaves on top, resembling a pale chunky carrot. $4.99
Radish - per bunch A small low growing root vegetable. Scalet/bright red skin with a strong, sharp aromatic pepper flavou $2.80
Rhubarb - per bunch Rhubarb produces huge red and green stems. Can be stewed, bottled or preserved $4.99
Shallots Golden - per kg Same family as onions. Small brown with a sweet flavour. $9.99
Silverbeet - per bunch Related to beetroot and spinach. Glossy dark green leaves with white veins. Thick fleshy white stems. $5.99
Swedes - per kg Flesh is pale yellow and tender golbe shape. Purple top with a creamy yellow base. $5.99
Sweet Corn - each Kernels or seeds are a milky pulp enclosed in a skin and grow on the cob.Cob is covered in a fibrous husk $2.60
Sweet Potato - Gold - per kg A tuberous root vegetable, oval or elongated in shape. Orange skin with a bright orange flesh. Flesh is quite dry. Good to roast or mash. $3.50
Tomatoes Cherry - 250gm punnet Cherry tomatoes are available in a small punnet. Great for salads or just eating whole. $4.99
Tomatoes Gourmet - per kg Gourmet tomatoes. Red ripe and full of flavour. $7.99
Tomatoes Medley - per punnet Brighten your meals with a rainbow of sensational sweetness. Store these luscious lovelies at room temperature to keep them bursting with flavour and blooming with beauty. $5.99
Tomatoes Roma - per kg Roma tomatoes are an oval or egg shape. Usually used for cooking, but also great in salads. Deep rich red colour. $9.99
Tomatoes Truss - per kg Truss tomatoes are left on the vine longer to ensure flavour and ripeness. Great taste $9.99
Turmeric - per kg Tumeric is orange in colour and part of the ginger family. Tumeric is one of the key ingredients in many Asian dishes. $35.00
Turnips - per kg Large globe shaped white base with a bright purple top. The flesh is white and tender $4.99
Watermelon seedless - per kg A more rounded melon. Dark pink/red flesh. Very sweet with no seeds. $2.50
Zucchini Small - per kg Related to squash, pumpkin and cucumber. Green in colour with white crisp flesh. A core of soft edible seeds. $6.99