Apricots - kg - New Season Skin colour can very from yellowish green to deep orange. An excellent source of vitamin A and C $3.99
Beans Handpicked - per kg A firm long straight green round pod. $17.99
Beetroot - per kg Beetroot is great for juices or baked. Great colour and flavour. $2.99
Carrots - per kg Bright orange root vegetable. Excellent source of vitamin A $2.40
Cherries - per kg - New Season A member of the rose family. Flesh can range in colour from pink to burgundy. Excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of potassium and dietary fibre. Product of Australia. $13.20
Chilli Jalapeno Green - per kg A member of the capsicum family, jalapeƱo chillies range from moderately to very hot. Originating from South America, they are about 4cm long, dark green when young and scarlet when ripe $20.00
Chillies Green - per kg Green Chillies . Sweet rather than hot. $15.99
Chillies Red - per kg Long elongated red peppers. Hot in flavour, great in currys. $19.99
Cucumbers Lebanese - per kg Small sweetly flavoured cucumber. Edible green skin $4.99
Dates - Medjool Fresh kg Fresh Medjool dates imported from California. Cholestrol and fat free. A good source of fibre $26.99
Ginger - per kg Pale yellow flesh. Pungent spicy aroma with a smooth brown/golden skin. $17.99
Grapes - Red Seedless per kg - New Season Small berry fruit. Thin edible black skin. Excellent source of vitamin C and dietary fibre. Product of Australia. $12.99
Grapes White Seedless - per kg - New Season White seedless grapes, great for a snack or school lunches. Product of Australia. $12.99
Mushrooms Cups - per kg Cups are allowed to grow to a stage where the cap is beginning to open. $12.99
Mushrooms Flats - per kg Field or flat mushrooms are harvested when the mushroom cap is expanded fully so that all the gills are visible. Great flavour. $17.99
Nectarines White - per kg - New Season Smooth skin, yellow/orange with a blush. Flesh colour is white. Sweet in taste when ripe. $5.99
Nectarines Yellow - per kg - New Season Smooth skin, yellow/orange with a blush. Flesh varies from yellow or red. Excellent source of vitamin A and C $5.99
Onions Brown - per kg Usually always used in cooking because of it's strong flavour. Golden brown skin and white flesh. $2.50
Onions Pickling - per kg Usually always used in cooking because of it's strong flavour. Small or baby onion with golden brown skin and white flesh. $2.20
Onions Red - per kg Red or salad onions have a purple pigmentation throughout the skin and flesh. Mild to sweet flavour that is great in salads. $2.80
Parsnips Premium - per kg A tapered root vegetable similar to a carrot. Cream/white skin and flesh. $12.00
Peaches White - New Season - per kg Flesh is white with a red blush on the skin. Delicious flavour when ripe. $5.99
Peaches Yellow - per kg - New Season A fleshy fruit with a seed in the centre of a stone. Skin colour is yellow to red blush.Flesh is yellow, softmelting and juicy. Good source of vitamin A and C. $5.99
Peas - Snow Peas - per kg Completely flat pod, bright green in colour. No seed development. Pod and pea is eaten whole. $15.99
Peas - Sugar Peas - per kg A pea pod which snaps or breaks like a green bean. Seeds are allowed to mature and become fully rounded. Pods are sweet and eaten whole. $18.99
Plums - per kg Many different varieties from red skin to purple. Eat when soft and ripe. Juicy and sweet. $5.99
Potatoes Cocktails - per kg A small potato that is dug up early in the season, thin skinned and have a moist flesh. $3.99
Potatoes Desiree - per kg A red/pink skinned potato. Excellent eating potato. It is more dense than other varieties so requires a little longer cooking. $3.99
Potatoes Kipfler - per kg Kipfler potatoes are a type of potato known for their unusually long, thin shape. They are generally prepared by being either boiled or steamed, and can be eaten alone or incorporated into a salad or other dish. $7.50
Potatoes Washed - per kg Potatoes dry and fresh. Ideal for baking, roasting, boiling, frying and mashing. $2.99
Pumpkin Butternut - per kg Characterised by a bulb shaped bottom. Slightly narrower neck. A great rasting pumpkin with no need to peel. $3.60
Pumpkin Grey - per kg A large pumpkin that is drier than other types. Idea for baking and boiling. Blue/green skin with a golden/orange flesh. $2.00
Pumpkin Jap - per kg Jap or kent pumpkin is a small attractive pumpkin with a blue-green skin and pale brown fleck which has a yellow/orange flesh. $2.49
Rocket Lettuce - per kg A strong smelling elongated clover type leaf. A fiery/piquant flavour. $18.99
Salad Mix - per kg Available in a broad range of colours, textures and sizes. Strong flavour and high in nutrients. $14.99
Shallots Golden - per kg Same family as onions. Small brown with a sweet flavour. $8.00
Spinach - Baby Spinach Leaves- per kg Vivid green baby leaves. Slightly crinkled on fine stems. Very delicate flavour. $14.99
Swedes - per kg Flesh is pale yellow and tender golbe shape. Purple top with a creamy yellow base. $4.99
Sweet Potato - per kg A tuberous root vegetable, oval or elongated in shape. Orange skin with a bright orange flesh. Flesh is quite dry. Good to roast or mash. $4.50
Tomatoes Gourmet - per kg Gourmet tomatoes. Red ripe and full of flavour. $6.99
Tomatoes Roma - per kg Roma tomatoes are an oval or egg shape. Usually used for cooking, but also great in salads. Deep rich red colour. $6.99
Tomatoes Truss - per kg Truss tomatoes are left on the vine longer to ensure flavour and ripeness. Great taste $7.20
Turmeric - per kg Tumeric is orange in colour and part of the ginger family. Tumeric is one of the key ingredients in many Asian dishes. $30.00
Turnips - per kg Large globe shaped white base with a bright purple top. The flesh is white and tender $4.99
Watermelon seedless - per kg A more rounded melon. Dark pink/red flesh. Very sweet with no seeds. $1.99
Zucchini Small - per kg Related to squash, pumpkin and cucumber. Green in colour with white crisp flesh. A core of soft edible seeds. $4.50