Asparagus - per bunch Bright green, fleshy stalks or spears. New season from Australia. $2.70
Basil Herb - per bunch Large oval pointed bright green leaves. Warm, yet fresh strong flavours. $3.99
Bok Choy Shanghai - per bunch Small leafy vegetable, great in stirfrys or just steamed $2.69
Broccolini - per bunch Same family as broccoli. Small shoots that make it perfect for stirfrys. $3.50
Carrots Dutch - per bunch Dutch or baby carrots. Bunches of 10-12 small carrots with tops on $3.50
Celery - per bunch Long pale green stalks with darker green broad leaves. A good source of vitamin A, calcium,sodium and potassium. $3.29
Chives Herb - per bunch From the same family as onions, leeks and garlic. A mild onion flavour that is dark green in colour. $4.50
Coriander Herb - per bunch A bright green leaf is finely scalloped. Pungent, distinct scent and flavour. $2.50
Dill Herb - per bunch Related to parsley and carrots. Feathery blue/green leaves. Aromatic and pungent flavour $3.20
Lemongrass Herb - 3 sticks per bunch Lemongrass stalks are fragrant, tightly formed and of a lemony-green colour. Used mostly in Asian foods. Great Flavour. $3.70
Mint Herb - per bunch Mint has very dark green leaves. Used in a variety of sauces, jellies and hot and cold beverage additions. Makes a lovely garnish and adds to the taste of freshly cooked vegetables. $2.99
Onions Spring - per bunch A member of the onion family. Long, slender dark green stalks with a small white bulb at the base. $2.29
Parsley - per bunch Dark green with fine stems. Refreshing flavour and aroma. Leaves are dark green with curled edges. $2.40
Parsley Continental - per bunch Flat, dark green leaves with a strong, coarser flavour. Edible succulent stems. $1.99
Radish - per bunch A small low growing root vegetable. Scalet/bright red skin with a strong, sharp aromatic pepper flavou $2.25
Rhubarb - per bunch Rhubarb produces huge red and green stems. Can be stewed, bottled or preserved $4.99
Rosemary Herb - per bunch Rosemary is a versitile, aromatic herb that is used in a variety of dishes, including soups, meats (especially lamb), fish and stuffings. $3.50
Sage Herb - per bunch Sage has a light green colour with velvety texture. Used well with fatty foods such as pork, sausage and lamb because it aids in digestion. $4.50
Silverbeet - per bunch Related to beetroot and spinach. Glossy dark green leaves with white veins. Thick fleshy white stems. $3.99
Thyme Herb - per bunch Strong flavour, woody stems with paired leaf or flower clusters. Thyme is a good source of iron and used widely in cooking. $3.99